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Appleseed was established in 1994 by Scott and Laurie Sherman. Educating young children  was their passion and they wanted to provide a home away from home where children would feel safe, loved and appreciated. Twenty five years later, Laurie is still the Director and continues to welcome children and their families each and everyday!  

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At the Appleseed, we teach that learning is fun.  The children are taught at their own pace and learn to explore all possible solutions.  We try to eliminate frustration by selecting materials that do not have a right or wrong answer.  Children find learning pleasurable and stimulating and often choose learning materials over basic play materials.  All of our toys, games and activities have an educational value that teaches children without the children even realizing it.  We offer interesting information and read stories related to the current theme.  We encourage the children to voice their opinions, stories and ideas.  



Our curriculum at the Appleseed focuses on the individual development of each child.  We are aware that each child develops at a different pace, and our goal is to provide daily opportunities to explore and create through our learning activities.  Our curriculum is interactive and child-centered offering each child to learn in a supportive non-judgmental forum.

Our Mission


The children are able to be involved in individual or group experiences, arts & crafts, dramatic play, math & science observations, fine and gross motor play.  The children are given the freedom to choose activities during our activity or center time, as well as participate in structured group and teacher-directed activities.  The children also learn to share in the responsibility of maintaining an orderly environment.

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Appleseed Early Learning Center, Inc.

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7:00 am – 5:30 pm


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