We welcome parents to visit the Appleseed whenever they are able. You are encouraged to get involved in our early childhood education program. We know that parent involvement helps a child to feel that home and school are linked and working together. 

Types of Involvement

We understand that most families we serve are working and have limited spare time. That is why there are a variety of ways to engage in parent involvement. Sometimes teachers send home projects you and your child can work on at home and bring back to school. Also, older children go on field trips occasionally and, at these times, we will ask for chaperones. If you are not able to spend a whole day with us, feel free to come in for lunch, read the class a special story, or just send in a special snack you and your child have made at home. 

Parent Communication

The staff at Appleseed makes every effort to keep you informed about your child's day. We feel it is important for you to know what goes on during your child's busy time with us. The stronger the communication between your home and center, the better the experience for both you and your child will be. Each day, you receive a "Daily Note” that briefly summarizes your child's day, including meals, naptimes, playtimes, and how often their diaper was changed. The center makes every effort to keep you up to date on all happenings through notices and Daily Notes.