Help your children learn and grow through toddler and preschool education programs available at Appleseed Early Learning Center for children ages 12 months through 7 years in Worcester, Massachusetts. We take special care to understand the unique needs of each child and, for this reason, we have three classrooms and age ranges. 

Toddler I

This classroom is designed for children ages 12 months through 24 months. There are nine children and two dedicated staff members who tend to the needs of these young toddlers. Daily activities include finger-plays, stories, songs, social interactions, and the introduction of simple art activities such as painting, gluing, Play-Doh™, sand, and the water table. You will receive a "Toddler Tattler" note that includes information about your child's day, including how they ate, slept, and played. 

Toddler II

Our transitional classroom is tailored to the needs of children ages 2 and 3 years old. There are nine children and two staff members in this classroom, as well. The children have more choices during activity time and are allowed to choose the activities that seem interesting to them. A more structured circle time is done each day to introduce the children to the calendar, numbers, and other basic concepts, as well as to prepare them for the Preschool Room. Potty training is also built into each day when the child is ready. 


Our preschool room is licensed for 16 children and two teachers, which is well under the recommended state allowance. We feel it is important for teachers to be able to give each child one-on-one time and focus on the skills they are still working on, such as teamwork, social skills, sharing, and language. Many are still working on using the potty, and still need guidance using their words with their peers. Each day you will receive a "Daily Note" that includes information about how they ate, slept, played, and whether they participated in our small and large group activity times.